2019 Rising Star Chefs Include Matt Horn, Other East Bayites

Other Rising Stars include the pair behind Berkeley's Cafe Ohlone.


Image: S. Rufus

The San Francisco Chronicle has just released its latest list of Rising Star Chefs — and it includes some popular East Bayites.

Chronicle food columnist Soleil Ho described 2019's Rising Stars as "the ones who changed our minds."

Among the Rising Stars is Oakland-based pitmaster Matt Horn, who's in the midst of opening his first brick-and-mortar restaurant in the West Oakland spot formerly occupied by Tanya Holland's Brown Sugar Kitchen. Horn's roving barbecue pop-up has thus far amassed legions of faithful fans eager to wait hours for his brisket.

Other Rising Stars include Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino, the pair helming Berkeley pop-up Cafe Ohlone — which serves Ohlone-inspired cuisine featuring such dishes as acorn-flour pancakes; duck bacon; bay-laurel-blossom soda; and duck-egg frittatas with pickleweed. As Ho reports, this year-old pop-up near the UC Berkeley campus is not just about food. It's part of mak'-amham, an Ohlone cultural organization through which Medina and Trevino organize such activities as visits to old tribal village sites in the East Bay hills and the identification of local plants by Ohlone names in the ancient Chochenyo language: For instance, yerba buena is čawrišim; bay laurel is sokoote; Indian lettuce is rooreh

Hayward-born Joyce Conway was named a Rising Star for the San Francisco restaurant, Pearl 6101, that she runs with her best pal Mel Lopez. The pair's fare includes innovative dishes such as halibut crudo served with strawberries, almonds, serrano chilis, and nuoc cham. 

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