A Defense of Montclair’s Dining Honor

Italian Colors’ Steve defends Montclair dining and issues a challenge to newbies, plus a post-punk in Alameda has something to say to his neighors.


We are always delighted to be part of Oakland and Alameda magazines with advertising dollars, and we are honored to be the Readers Choice for top Italian Restaurant in Oakland for three years in a row. So you can imagine how we felt when Derk, once again, in his review of Chowhaus [“Haus Rules at Chowhaus,” September], suggested that there are no good eats in Montclair.

Really? Why does your reviewer have to knock us while he is reviewing another restaurant? For the second time. That just seems downright mean spirited. And if we are only “Montclair Good,” then why do we rate highly with all Oaklanders?

We are always happy to welcome a fellow food merchant and business to the district. There is room for all. We are all about community—we do fundraisers every year for the zoo, Meals on Wheels, The Lincoln Child Center, and every school in the district. And we are very lonely there. It would be nice if some of the newbies stepped up. Getting a slight in these times is really uncalled for. Thanks for reading.

Steve Montgomery, Italian Colors, Montclair


Punk and Proud of It

I’m co-owner of Die Laughing Records and founder of Screaming Bloody Marys. I just want to say it was a great, great September issue with the article and pictures of us Alameda punks and misfits! [“Post Punk Paradise”].

As a resident here on the Island, I want to calm folks down and reassure the “Alameda Peeps and Poops” on Facebook: Look, we are not going to take over and cause havoc! It’s really kinda funny because, we, too, have families and friends here that are punk and some that aren’t punk! We all work here or have businesses here and our kids go to school here, and, yes, we even pay our taxes just like everyone else! 

I personally got at least 32 private messages on Facebook from people who were fearful that this will bring outcast punks here to our island haven. Alameda, you have nothing to fear but fear itself!

Dave Dalton, Alameda


Giggling at the Grocery

It’s a very strange feeling to go to the supermarket, start placing your produce on the belt, look up, and find your face on the magazine rack. I can’t help to giggle and feel shy every time I see it. A huge thank you to Oakland Magazine for featuring me … on the cover [“Diana Gameros Finds It Hard to Say No,” September]! A first one for me; what an honor. A big thank you as well to Andrew Gilbert for the interview and for writing the article that so beautifully narrates my musical life story.

Diana Gameros, Berkeley


Bring It On

As a longtime member of the Harbor Bay Club, I’m writing to tell you how much I am looking forward to the new club on North Loop Road, especially the expanded studio space.

I love the classes the current club offers, but the room set up with equipment in it makes accommodating all the participants difficult. Classes such as Amy’s TNT and Nicole’s Dance Boogie are often so full that late arrivals can’t join the class.

Eve Courtland, Alameda


Seconding That

I am very happy to write this letter to say that, “Yes! I want a new club.” I am definitely with the group We Want a New Club. It will be great and wonderful and exciting to have a new space and to have WAY more room. I am one of the massage therapists there, have been employed with Harbor Bay Club since 1995, and although I have always loved the setting where we are, it’s just not enough room anymore. The space where the new club will be built has wonderful views, is very close, and it will be new! According to the floor plans I have seen, the spa will be separated from the children’s center, which will be good for my clients—quieter, more spacious, more luxurious, everything improved. More pools sounds fabulous, too, with lots of beautiful outside areas. The plan shows lots of trees and garden areas, and I do love the idea of bringing the outside inside by using plants and trees, which is a signature element of the Harbor Bay Isle development. I’m excited for our town! I have lived here my entire life and have raised my children here. I love Alameda so much and hope for us to come together as a community so we all can grow and be happy.

Marion Ybarra, Alameda

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