Alameda's Donsuemor Gets All Pumpkiny-Spicy

The bakery credited with popularizing madeleines in the USA has just launched its first-ever Pumpkin Spice Madeleines.


Image courtesy of Donsuemor

Donsuemor, the Alameda small-batch bakery that -- as the original US manufacturer of madeleines -- is now credited with having turned those traditional French treats into trendy American pastries forty years ago, has just launched a new seasonal specialty: Pumpkin Spice Madeleines.

"We know consumers love everything 'pumpkin spice,' and we wanted to do it just right for the season," Donsuemor's marketing manager Parshy Phillips told EastBay365.

"We’re always on the lookout for new pumpkin-spice products every year, and there is always a new take on flavor combinations.

"We love to experiment with these new flavors."

Debuting this year, made with real pumpkins -- which is clearly evident in every mouthful -- each of these bite-sized, spice-speckled, amber-golden, scallop-shaped dainties is a bright burst of century-spanning, sophisticated warmth. 

"We had lots of fun tasting and experimenting with various flavor combinations and kept at it until we achieved the right amount of spices, perfect flavoring, and intensity," Phillips continued.

The pastries are sold at Peet's, Whole Foods, and other establishments.

"It seems like a natural fit to go in this direction, especially during what we call the official Pumpkin Spice Season," Phillips said. "There's a short window of time that most consumers love during the fall," which many seek to spend "experiencing everything 'pumpkin spice.'"

Making this company even more local: Donseumor's CEO Susan Q. Davis was born in France, grew up in East Oakland, and attended both Mills College and UC Berkeley. 

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