Apps Worth Checking Out

A roundup of how Oaklanders are connecting.


Describe your favorite apps


Tai Arroyo: Foursquare, the app that is similar to Yelp but better, in my opinion. I think the interfacing of Foursquare is friendlier, and I like the strength of this app for getting distance information and highest-rated information for any business. I tend to use it to find great local bars or third-wave coffee shops wherever I am. I also love the driving service Lyft. Their drivers are the nicest people who make any ride pleasant and feel personal.

Michael Murphy: Hands down, my favorite app is Shazam, the music identification app. I love being able to instantly find out what’s playing and get information on the song and the artist wherever I am.

Sophia Kvochak: I love the Epicurious app. There is a feature on the app that automatically creates a shopping list when you pick a recipe. I am also very attached to my Fitbit app, which allows me to easily check in on my daily activity progress. Lastly, I use Venmo all the time with my other friends in college. I have found that it is far more reliable than expecting payment from a friend in cash and vice versa.

Sara Cartagena: I love the app OfferUp, where you can buy and sell things locally. I find it to be designed really well and really like how you can verify the identities of buyers and sellers. I use Yelp a lot, too, for getting quick reviews. My use of Instagram is not just to keep up with people’s photos, but also to learn about new products and their ratings. Depending on whom you follow, you can, through short descriptions and hashtags, get the lowdown on the next big thing.

Sophia Mar: I like to use SoundCloud a lot. It’s an app where anyone can post music that they make. Many famous people use it to post their songs, but I like it because there are a lot of really different remixes and covers to choose from. It’s also nice because you can easily share music with friends.

Chris Hillyard: I use OpenSnow all the time because it sends me alerts about fresh snow and ski conditions. I also use Bleacher Report to get daily sports news updates. Jotnot Pro is great because it is a really convenient iPhone and iPad scanner app that let’s you create PDFs and allows you to sign documents in electronic format. Nest is another one I really like to use when I’m not home. Being able to see what’s happening at your house and adjust your thermostat is a money-saver.

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