Great Idea!

Readers sound off on East 14th Street, dog poop, and complex cebiches.



What’s in a Name?

Great idea! [“Back to East 14th Street,” March] Usually the greatest problem for name changes is with businesses and their stationery and legal documents. Perhaps it could have two names: East 14th Street (International Blvd).

Jerry West


Waste of time and money! Repair the streets that need it. Not only would the local taxpayers have to pay for new street signs but all residents and businesses would have to change all their stationery, etc.

Ann O’Connor, Oakland


Not Their Job

I own a dog-walking and boarding business in Oakland [“Pick Up the Poop Bags, People, March] and part of my daily routine is picking up other citizen dog walker’s poop and poop bags. I’m sure many people think that part of the park staff’s job is to clean up after them, because at an EBRPD meeting a few years ago, one attendee actually said in front of the group that she didn’t clean up after her dog because she thought that the rangers would do it. I pick up mine and theirs because I don’t want more restrictions on dog walking.

Thomas Jordan, Oakland


Treat Yourself

Pucquio [“Complex Cebiches,” March] is long overdue for this acknowledgment. A wonderful restaurant, with a talented chef and gracious front-of-the-house staff, it is a fabulous introduction to the sophisticated complexity of Peruvian food.

Madelyn Mallory


Black Lager Fan

So glad to see a blurb [“Back in Black,” March] on the delicious black lagers! It’s one of our very popular beers here at Speisekammer in Alameda, and I scanned the article quickly hoping to see a mention of our authentic German restaurant, serving 16 taps of amazing German brews! We proudly serve up Kostritzer Black Lager. I look forward to trying some of the other mentioned!

Erin O’Malley, GM, Speisekammer, Alameda



The Shelter article “Earthy Essence” [March] included an incorrect photo credit. Ramona d’Viola took the larger photo on the left, and right photo was by Susanna Scott and courtesy Arana Craftsman Painting/LMB Interiors. Our March political story, “It’s All About Housing,” misspelled the last name of Karen Chapple, a professor of regional planning who heads UC Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project.


Published online on April 13, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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