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Spinal Surgery Is Far Less Invasive Than It Was

Back pain affects close to 65 million Americans. It’s one the most common reason for doctor visits and work absences. Chances are, everyone will experience severe back pain at some point in life, but fortunately, only a small percentage of back pain cases are serious enough to warrant surgery.

Samuel Merritt University’s Motion Analysis Research Center Educates Across Disciplines

Inside Samuel Merritt University’s Motion Analysis Research Center (the MARC), students from several disciplines have the opportunity to integrate motion analysis into their health science curricula.

In the Treatment of Clubfoot, the Earlier We Get to the Foot, the Better the Outcome

Clubfoot is a significant congenital deformity in which the foot is turned inward and upward. For parents of a child diagnosed with clubfoot, the joy of a pregnancy and birth can turn to fear. Dr. Coleen Sabatini specializes in a treatment called the Ponseti Method, popular globally since the early 2000s, which allows children with clubfoot to eventually lead normal lives.

Think F.A.S.T. – Treating a Stroke Takes a Team

When it comes to treating stroke patients, you’ll hear doctors use the phrase “time is brain.” For every minute the brain is deprived of its blood supply, a patient can lose up to 2 million brain cells. Recognizing the signs is key to treatment and recovery; that’s why we need to think “F.A.S.T.” when someone is experiencing a stroke. “’F.A.S.T.’ stands for: Facial Awareness, Arm Awareness, Speech Difficulties and Time,” says Dr. Alvin Tang, Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine for Kaiser Permanente, East Bay/Richmond. “It’s an easy mnemonic to remember when identifying the symptoms of stroke.”

You Shouldn’t Get PTSD from Having a Baby

Childbirth in the 21st century has become increasingly “medicalized” and sometimes frightening, especially for women having their first child. Today, expectant mothers are turning to Doulas to aid them during the birth process and assist in the home and transition to parenting after the baby arrives. Linda Jones is an experienced Doula with more than 25 years experience.

New Care Procedures for Head and Neck Cancers and Thryoid Surgery

When actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer, it raised awareness of how the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), often associated with the cervical cancers, are beginning to manifest in the mouth and throat.

Face Reality Acne Clinic Can Clear Your Acne While Weaning You Off Ineffective Drugs

Acne. The word strikes fear and dread in most young adults—and even some older ones. Acne patients try everything—antibiotics, over-the-counter serums, home remedies—often to no avail. At Face Reality Acne Clinic, esthetician Laura Cooksey has come up with a sure-fire way to stop acne and keep it from coming back.

Don’t Let Confusion about False Positives Keep You from Getting an Annual Prostate Screening

One of the more common reasons men over 50 are hesitant to be screened for prostate cancer—the No. 1 cancer found in men—is the confusing news coming out about PSA testing, false positives, and unnecessary biopsies.

Plastic Surgery Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Randall Weil performs procedures ranging from face and neck lifts to tummy tucks, abdominal suction, and mommy makeovers. His No. 1 most common procedure is breast augmentation. Dr. Weil discusses the latest implants, his other procedures, and some common fears people may have about plastic surgery.

Today’s Breast Cancer Treatment Can Be Highly Personalized

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women in the United States. Because of its high rate of incidence, it is also the most widely researched. While a breast cancer diagnosis is never expected news, the abundance of knowledge surrounding the diseases combined with advances in treatment is helping millions of women survive—and thrive.

Options for Women Seeking V-Birth after C-Section

With two locations serving Northern California, East Bay Women’s Health (EBWH) provides an impressive suite of obstetric and gynecology services, pre- and post-natal care, DaVinci robotic surgery – as well as aesthetic procedures. With a newly hired midwife, EBWH furthers its goal of providing excellent healthcare options to women of all ages, throughout the East Bay.

Surgery Not only Option for Lumbar Stenosis

If you suffer from lower back pain, you’re not alone. Approximately 80 percent of adults will experience lower back pain during their lifetimes. In response to normal aging, as our vertebrae and discs wear, there can be a build-up of bone—often called bone spurs or arthritis—that can narrow the spaces for nerves. This condition, called lumbar stenosis, can put pressure on nerves causing leg pain and weakness.

Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing Is Nationally Recognized for Genomics Education

The sequencing of the Human Genome in 2003 has afforded unprecedented exploration of health and the impact the environment plays on disease development. On a practical level, these discoveries will radically change health-care delivery. Samuel Merritt University has begun to address this through integration of genomics into curricula for health-care providers. Dr. Patricia Brennan is at the forefront of this push.

Spinal Tethering Can Cure Scoliosis Forever

The last thing an active teen wants to hear is that he or she needs surgery to correct a crooked spine. But even if scoliosis is not causing problems now, it can lead to serious issues later. Traditionally, the condition has been treated surgically by fusing the spine. Dr. Mohammad Diab is at the forefront of a new surgical procedure, spinal tethering, which may cure scoliosis once and for all.

Oral Health Is Important to Overall Health

Whether you want whiter teeth, healthier teeth or both, Dr. Sharon Albright, president of the Alameda County Dental Society, has a plan to achieve your goals. A native Southern Californian, practicing in the Bay Area since 2001, shares some common concerns about dental care..

Banish the Bulge of Varicose Veins

Beyond bulging, bumpy varicose veins and unsightly spider veins, vascular diseases, like carotid arteries or renal vascular disease, can be life threatening. Dr. Michael Ingegno, of Oakland’s General Vascular Surgery Medical Group specializes in state-of-the-art, minimally invasive varicose vein procedures, as well as a suite of surgical vascular and arterial treatments.

Advances in Pediatric Intensive Care Have Greatly Improved Health Outcomes

Having a child in the hospital is a frightening experience—especially when they’re suffering from a life-threatening illness or injury. However, with advances in pediatric intensive care, a child’s probability of survival has greatly improved. Jorge Gutierrez, M.D., works in pediatric critical care medicine for Kaiser Permanente, treating babies, children, and teens with extreme and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Don’t Delay in Seeking Concussion Treatment

Athletes are a tough bunch. When injured, “pushing through the pain” is part of their makeup. But when it comes to head injuries, that approach can lead to serious, long-term consequences.

Identifying and Treating Signs of a Brain Tumor

The diagnosis of a brain tumor is a life-changing event, but it no longer has to be life ending. Dr. Edie Zusman specializes in awake mapping craniotomy, a unique procedure that allows neurosurgeons to aggressively treat tumors, while monitoring a patient’s language, motor, and sensory functions during surgery to ensure safety for the critical parts of the brain.