Feedback: California Trail

Last month's letters to the editor.


Racial Profiling

“Black Firefighter Racially Profiled in Oakland Hills” [The Briefing, June 25] prompted these comments:


We like to think in the San Francisco Bay Area we live in a bubble where this sort of thing doesn’t exist but clearly it does. Especially in light of things going on nationally. Sound familiar, Seattle? It should.

Cecelia Hays


So true: it shouldn’t be [Kevin] Moore’s — or other black people’s — job to soothe the fears of community members harboring prejudice.

Deborah S. Adey


One State

This reporting, “Initiative to Divide California Qualifies for November Ballot” [The Briefing, June 13], prompted this observation:


Considering the only people who vote around here are out of touch morons that approve toll hikes, it’s scary to think this trash might pass.

Robert Marrujo


California Trail

Sadly, I relied upon the June 28th date to visit the zoo [“Bison, Gray Wolves, and Grizzlies Roam Oakland Again,” June] with my nephew, who lives in New Jersey.  Imagine his disappointment when we discovered that the only open part of the new space was the cafe with its high prices and mediocre fare. Please correct the opening date to July [12].

Silvia Sykes, Oakland


On Sheffield School

Readers had this to say in response to the article “Crisis at Sheffield Village Preschool” that ran online after being published in our sister publiication, The East Bay Monthly [June}:


Well written, Scott Morris.

This article should be sent to all Bay Area news outlets.

Please let us know if anything comes from it. Thank you for writing it.

K Thompson


What an injustice.

When will these parents get answers?

Gregory Schwartz

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