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2014 Families and PetsEditors' Choice

Best Place to Board Pets

Every Dog Has Its Day Care

Photo By Pat Mazzera

Out in the sunny play yard, big dogs are basking, rolling, schmoozing, and just hanging out, watched over by attentive humans. An elderly dog who joined the group after his lifelong companion died, leaving him bereft and depressed, makes the rounds, greeting all his new pals. As a staff member gives the pool a good scrubbing, a young puppy pulls at her leash, impatient for water fun to resume. It’s another happy morning at Every Dog Has Its Day Care, which has been offering dogs a home away from home for the last 17 years. “Our No. 1 concern is safety,” explains COO Mischa Kubancik. “This isn’t about taking your dog to the park and throwing a Frisbee. This is about caring for somebody’s family member.” Playgroups of compatible dogs (rambunctious youngsters, mellow seniors, etc.) enjoy sessions of frolicking in the secure play yard, interspersed with plenty of naptime and TLC. Currently in an airy, spacious facility in Emeryville, Every Dog will be moving to a nearby much larger West Oakland location in January.
Photo by Pat Mazzera

1450 63rd St.