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2014 Lifestyle and LeisureEditors' Choice

Best Karaoke Crowd

Nick’s Lounge

Photo By Pat Mazzera

You know those windowless bars on seedy streets that offer stale cigarette smoke, dark corners, and a bad reminder that life is too short? Well, that isn’t this place. Oh, no; Nick’s Lounge (sans windows as it may be) is a bright and beckoning karaoke palace nuzzled into a 500-square-foot rectangle off MLK, and it’s the ideal hideaway to throw back a beer, perform your favorite Blondie number, and get lost in the jazzy twilight of a good buzz in great company. The crowd members are as quick to offer a songbook as they are a riotous round of applause, and they do it seven nights a week. This is the hole-in-the-wall gala of appreciation all nonprofessional performers have been waiting for. Cheers!
Photo by Pat Mazzera

3218 Adeline Street