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2014 Lifestyle and LeisureEditors' Choice

Best 10K Loop Through Oakland’s Woods

Redwood Park Sampler

Photo By Pat Mazzera

Some 20 trails cover scores of miles through the 1,830 acres of Redwood Regional Park. So where do you go if you want the best “park sampler” for a moderate two-hour hike or hour-long run? Start at Skyline Gate on Skyline Boulevard and go for 3 miles on the rolling hills of the East Ridge Trail, which features bird’s-eye views of the canyon’s treetops and of the foothills that skirt Mount Diablo. Turn right and descend the steep Canyon Trail, arriving at the Canyon Meadow picnic area. From there, head north on the Stream Trail about 2.5 miles back up to Skyline Gate. The Stream Trail traverses the heart of park, site of 19th-century mills and majestic 150-foot Sequoia redwoods standing in a carpet of ferns beside a babbling creek. The loop is exactly 6.2 miles long.
Photo by Pat Mazzera