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2014 Goods and ServicesEditors' Choice

Best Grocery Checkout Crew

The Folks at Piedmont Grocery

Photo By Pat Mazzera

If you shop at Piedmont Grocery with any regularity, chances are the checkout clerks will learn your name, greet you personally, and ask about your kids or your work. If you need a special order or have trouble finding something, they’ll remember and inquire if you got it the next time they see you. And if you ever need extra help, they’ll promptly lend a hand with a smile. The crew’s leaders Aldo Estrada, Dave Howland, and Wayne Davis promote a tradition of old-fashioned, neighborly customer service that newer gourmet grocers try but often fail to emulate. Thanks to these employees, Piedmont Grocery—which celebrates its 113th year in September—keeps the heart of Piedmont Avenue beating strong.
Photo by Pat Mazzera

4038 Piedmont Avenue