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2015 Food & DrinkEditors' Choice

Most Iconic Oakland Cocktail

Café Van Kleef's Greyhound

Lori Eanes

If you like cocktails that are classic in design yet fresh in flavor, then your next evening should be spent cozied up to the eccentrically eye-pleasing bar at Cafe Van Kleef, an Oakland institution that boasts a signature drink as delicious as its atmosphere. Order the house special—a greyhound with hand-squeezed grapefruit—then turn your head in every possible direction: Mick Jagger will stare back at you from a mug shot, van Gogh will catch your glance from a mural of what is clearly the best dinner party, and strange bones and collectibles will hold your attention for longer than you may expect. This kitschy, iconic venue serves all the other favorites bar patrons love, but even bourbon aficionados will agree that when you hit up Van Kleef’s, you gotta get a greyhound.

1621 Telegraph Ave.