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2015 Food & DrinkEditors' Choice

Best Dog-Friendly Bar

Heart and Dagger Saloon

Stephen Loewinsohn

What makes whiskey adorable? Taking shots paw-to-paw with your dog is a great start. Puppies aren’t actually allowed to drink at this rock ’n’ roll pool hall venue, but they are definitely welcome to join the party and swallow all the water they can while you crack open bottles of PBR and swig back Fireball. During every A’s game, you can pull up a stool for your furry co-pilot and watch either of two flat screens, or make the five-step walk to the back patio where you’ll be greeted by any number of pups (be sure to say hi to Ike, the service pug who makes frequent appearances) and sip your IPA under the sun. Just be sure your best friend has brushed up on his manners; the Heart qnd Dagger is specifically dog-friendly—to friendly dogs. So, if you’re certain your canine cohort will be on his or her best behavior (as in being happy to be fawned over as you fawn over your bourbon), then settle in at this saloon that’s just what its name suggests: as welcoming as it is wild. Bottoms up!

504 Lake Park Ave.