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2015 Goods & ServicesEditors' Choice

Best Tupperware Lady

Sally Bowls

Pat Mazzera

Never has buying a can opener been so much fun. When Kevin Wisney enters a party in full-on drag, he is far more than a man dressed as a woman. He is your neighborhood Tupperware Lady, “Sally Bowls,” named of course for the iconic Liza Minelli character from Cabaret. You are his “darlings,” and he promises to help “keep your junk fresh.” To demonstrate, he displays a nifty container that keeps veggies dry, adding, “None of us like to sit in our own moisture, do we?” Wisney started acting at age 9—not the typical path for a Michigan farm boy. Now he divides his career between stage plays, drag queen shows (as “Cruzin d’Loo”), and Sally Bowls parties, while also savoring his more traditional life with a kid, a house, and a husband. Often Northern California’s leading lady in Tupperware sales, Wisney’s biggest kick comes from getting guests to “forget their troubles for an hour.” Or longer. Says one satisfied customer, “Every time I use my Tupperware can opener, I giggle.”