Ace Monster Toys

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2017 Goods & ServicesEditors' Choice

Best Hacker Space

Ace Monster Toys

Lance Yamamoto

Want to make your own guitar? How about a battle bot? If you've got a dream, Ace Monster Toys has got a machine for it, and a class for how to use it. Many passion projects have gotten their start at this sprawling hacker space. Ace has 3-D printers, large computer-controlled routers for carving intricate details out of blocks of wood or metal, a textile room, and, best of all, a vibrant and enthusiastic community of intensely creative and endlessly supportive individuals. Where else can you rent a high-powered infrared laser for only 25 cents per minute firing time? Even Darth Vader pays at least twice that.

6050 Lowell St., Suite 214


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