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Best Succulents for a Striking Garden

Annie's Annuals

Pat Mazzera

Whether your garden could use a towering, waving succulent (like the Octopus Agave), an eye-popping edger (like the “instant origami” of the Red Pagoda), or a blanket of hardy ground cover (such as the Plum Fuzzy), the sprawling assortment of healthy flora and bounty of plant knowledge at Annie’s Annuals nursery will inspire your gardening journey. Founder Annie Hayes and gardeners and propagators on staff lovingly present rows upon rows of unexpected and versatile plants, dotting the beds with meticulously written, joyful placards highlighting plant care and fun trivia; they’ve done their homework so you can go back to digging in the dirt. 

740 Market Ave.


510- 215-3301

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