California Typewriter

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2017 Goods & ServicesEditors' Choice

Best Typewriter Repair Shop

California Typewriter

Lori Eanes

Visiting California Typewriter is the next best thing to traveling back in time. Inside the 68-year-old store, wooden and metallic shelves, Formica countertops, and glass display cases compete to show off a dazzling array of typewriters with nary a laptop or an iPad to be found. Want a hot pink typewriter, a typewriter made of wood, one with glass keys, or a sleek green keyboard? California Typewriter will undoubtedly have it. What's more, Ken Alexander, master repairman and typewriter aficionado for 42 years, will repair your own typewriter for a reasonable price, as well as throw in a minihistory of the machine, showing you ones dating as far back as the 1890s. He's also the star of the new documentary California Typewriter. And if all that's not enough of a draw, stop by to pet Rosa, the store's very friendly cat.

2362 San Pablo Ave.



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