Mission Heirloom

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2017 Food & DrinkEditors' Choice

Best Paleo Restaurant

Mission Heirloom

The bulletproof coffee is heaven in a cup.

D. Ross Cameron

Restricted diets tend to be defined by what people can't eat, but at Mission Heirloom—the Bay Area's only dedicated Paleo restaurant—dining out feels like an indulgence. Completely gluten-free, and also friendly to vegans, vegetarians, and the lactose intolerant, this North Berkeley cafe and restaurant serves up inventive, grain-free takes on comfort food classics such as waffles and chicken pot pie. Avoiding nightshades or on an autoimmune protocol diet? There are options for you, too. Perhaps the most delicious things on the menu are in liquid form: Both the sipping bone broth and the bulletproof coffee (made with butter from grass-fed cows) are heaven in a cup. While the menu is a bit pricey, the tradeoff for being able to eat with abandon feels worth it.

2085 Vine St.




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