Shan Dong Restaurant

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2017 Food & DrinkEditors' Choice,Readers' Choice

Best Chinese Restaurant,Best Green Onion Pancakes

Shan Dong Restaurant

Shan Dong's green-onion pancakes are first-rate.

Pat Mazzera

Sometimes you just have to put health aside and go for sheer sensory delight. That's the case when you eat green onion pancakes, a popular Chinese street food. The ideal green onion pancake is moist, dense, chewy, and greasy—undeniably, deliciously greasy. First the dough is rolled out, then coated with sesame oil and lightly browned. The result is a pancake so delicious that some even claim it's the ancestor of pizza. Marco Polo allegedly loved them so much he asked a cook in Italy to replicate them. The cook failed, but wound up making pizza instead. For a first-rate green onion pancake, go to Shan Dong Restaurant. Or, for variation on a theme, order the equally delicious green leek pancakes stuffed with tiny bits of chives, egg, rice noodles, and black mushrooms.

328 10th St.



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