Callous Comment on Rice

Plus, horse manure on trails is gross.


Rice is Community

Usually, I enjoy the magazine's ability to reflect and celebrate our diversity. For this reason, I was especially disappointed to see a preview of choreographer Lin Hwai-Min's Rice asking, "How much can you say about something you only eat as filler, after you finish your orange chicken?"

One in six Oaklanders is of Asian heritage. This includes my Cantonese-speaking wife, whose family taught me that in their language sek fan, meaning "to eat" literally translates to "eat rice." They also say, "If I don't eat rice, I can"t feel full." For them, rice is the core of eating, and by extension, a prime tenet of community.

Rice is central to the experience of my wife's, our children's, and many of our friends' ancestors. That my children's grandparents spent decades selling orange chicken, not their preferred cuisine to often-dismissive clientele is another matter.

Josh Seidenfeld, Oakland


Horses Pose Hazards of Their Own

I enjoyed reading your November 2015 Outdoors feature on bikes on EBMUD trails. JoAnn Gillespie of Rawking Horse Ranch in Briones shared concerns about bikers who might endanger riders. As a hiker and biker, I also share concerns that bikes may degrade trails and often do endanger hikers. The article covered this issue well, except for a greater hazard on trails, the piles of horse manure left along Bay Area trails by equestrians, often covering narrow sections and forcing hikers to step in unsanitary conditions. I would advocate that all horses are banned from trails unless they are fitted with a manure bag to keep trails clean and sanitary. Horses are a major hazard on Bay Area trails with such careless disrespect for use and other users. I am always puzzled that we demand that dog owners clean their animal waste and horse owners sully lovely recreation spaces with such disregard.

Margo Wixsom, Inverness


Injera Fan

Unless I missed it, your magazine has not featured or reviewed Injera, the new Ethiopian restaurant on Park Street. This is a very welcome addition to our local cuisine.

Susan Espinoza, Alameda


Editor's note: We visited Injera recently and have a new listing in this issue in our Dining Guide.

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