Can Yogurt "Cure" Shyness? Studies Say Yes


The allegedly impending summer season is putting all kinds of tasty new products into East Bay shopping carts. 

Made in Southern California, brand-new to the Bay Area and now available at Andronicos, Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads are made with hormone-free Grade A milk and live active yogurt and probiotic cultures. Already having won first place in the "Greek-Style Yogurt and Labneh" category at this year's American Cheese Society Awards in Sacramento, these smooth, velvety, eminently schmear-able toppings provide a lighter alternative to cream cheese. Check them out in five flavors: original, honey, blueberry, French onion and spicy vegetables. A new strawberry flavor is set to launch soon.

And hey, a recent study suggests that eating live active cultures could actually improve our moods. 

Titled “Prebiotic intake reduces the waking cortisol response and alters emotional bias in healthy volunteers,” the Oxford University study includes in its findings: “The ingestion of probiotics modulates the processing of information that is strongly linked to anxiety and depression, and influences the neuroendocrine stress response."

Other recent studies -- including this new one from University of Maryland researchers, which suggests that probiotics can alleviate extreme social anxiety -- bolster these results.

So if you've been seeking further reasons for eating yogurt -- and/or pickles and/or kombucha -- this might be it.



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