Couples Say I Will With Crown Nine Diamonds

Jewelry designer Kate Ellen creates custom jewelry designs so that couples can declare their marriage intentions with signature style.


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Up on a Roof

The couple: Amelia Brasher, 34, law school admission test teacher and tutor, and Julia Duperrault, 25, foster parent recruiter for Seneca.

The ring: A Compass Solitaire, a .37-carat, old mine-cut diamond set in 14-karat white gold mounting with a matte finish.

The story: Duperrault took a law school test prep class that Brasher was leading in 2013. Self-professed foodies, they had their first date at a vegan Mexican restaurant in the Mission District. By late 2014 they were living and working in Oakland, and Duperrault was looking at ring designs online. She wanted to support a local business and liked Crown Nine for its simple but unique rings that reflected Brasher’s down-to-earth style. Duperrault thought about exciting places to propose, like the top of Half Dome and San Francisco amid the hoopla over the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. In the end, it was a surprise picnic on the rooftop of their apartment building. The two returned to Crown Nine where they then picked out Duperrault’s ring, an Aries Solitaire with an old mine cut in 14-karat yellow gold.

Amid Mangoes

The couple: Gueidi Beltran, 38, works in public health, and Christy Leffall, 36, is a regional planner for ABAG.

The ring: A.50-carat modern cut diamond with 18-karat yellow gold Mitsuro mounting with a matte finish.

The story: Leffall and Beltran met at a party and connected as couple a few years later. Together since 2013, they live in Berkeley and enjoy hiking, backpacking, and eating oysters in Marshall. When they talked about getting engaged, Leffall wasn’t that interested in a ring, but Beltran wanted a diamond. She was attracted to the rustic aesthetic of Kate Ellen’s designs, and Leffall was impressed by the old techniques. They choose the ring together, but Leffall wanted the proposal to be a surprise. On vacation in Mexico, they stopped in a plaza to eat fruit and cool off. “I placed the ring under a napkin,” says Leffall. “When I picked up the napkin, I found the ring,” says Beltran. “It was a beautiful surprise.” Leffall and Beltran’s most recent surprise was the arrival of their son, Joaquin, in October.

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