Does Oakland Want to Own the Entire Oakland Alameda County Coliseum?

Alameda County wants to get out sports, the Coliseum Transit Village goes down, and Oaklanders are incensed over garbage fees.


Bailing Out

The County wants to sell its share of the Coliseum complex to Oakland, theoretically clearing the way for the city to cut stadium construction deals with the Raiders, A’s, or Warriors. Whether that would be a good deal for the city is unclear. The mayor’s office is exploring the notion.


Project Problems

The Coliseum Transit Village, housing planned for the Coliseum BART Station parking lot, is toast because the charity building it, the Oakland Economic Development Corp., has all but collapsed.


Tough Turf

EBMUD said no to giving rebates of up to $1,250 for homeowners who replace live lawns with artificial turf, deciding synthetic grass would produce more waste, reduce habitat, kill microbes in soil, heat temperatures, and reduce water percolation.


Pot Shot

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag has resigned. Under her leadership, the feds mounted major actions against medical marijuana dispensaries—including Oakland’s Harborside Health Center and Berkeley’s Patients Group.


Objet d’Art

The Pacific Legal Foundation, on behalf of the Building Industry Association of the Bay Area, filed suit to stop the city from requiring builders to set aside money to pay for public art.


Caper Couple

Oakland animal-rights activists Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane were charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act after allegedly traveling across the country on a mink-freeing adventure and engaging in vandalism.



Rally Oakland restaurant owners protested rocketing compost and trash pickup fees with a City Hall rally, sharing frustration over the city approval of a billion-dollar contract with Waste Management. City residents also complained about the 300 percent price hike. The fees stand.


Pay Increase

The lowest-paid UC workers are getting pay increases to $13 per hour beginning Oct. 1, and in 2017 their pay will go up to $15 per hour.


Rent Control

The Richmond City Council became the first Bay Area city to enact rent control in almost 30 years. The ordinance limits rent increases to about 2 percent a year and creates a just-cause eviction process, and will cover about 10,000 rental units built before 1995.

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