Everybody Loves Barbara Dane

Kudos for Barbara Dane and Mike Healy, moping about the Key Route mural, and loving Golden Gate Organics.


On the subject of Barbara Dane [“Barbara Dane’s Wild Ride,” October]—what an extraordinary, selfless woman. I’d forgotten how she was right in the thick of the civil rights movement. I will not forget again—thanks to Mike Healy’s write-up. Sure would have been fun to be a fly on the wall listening to those two Bay Area legends converse.

Leslie Griffith


Mural Moping

Our September article about KronnerBurger's presence on Piedmont prompted comments about the now-gone Key Route Plaza mural.

Nina Mendez: “Please note that when the owners renovated the building to accommodate their restaurant, they cut extra large windows into a large wall, obliterating one of Oakland’s finest murals. Created by artist Rocky Rische-Baird, the Key Route Plaza mural was on what used to be part of a Key System station at Piedmont Avenue and 41st Street. The spot marks where the first Key System train arrived in 1904. It was not just an extraordinary piece of artwork. It was a loving homage to generations of Oakland residents that resided in and near the neighborhood. A positive work of historical beauty, the Key Route Line Mural is/was exactly what Oakland needs more of. Not less.”

Matt Chambers: “Nina is completely misrepresenting the facts. There was always a window behind the mural, improperly covered up by a piece of un-flashed, unsealed plywood. Not being a building contractor, the artist painted over the un-flashed, unsealed plywood. Over the years water delaminated the plywood and mold took over. During renovations the plywood situation was discovered. To commence repairs and remove the mold, the contractor secured the mural side of the plywood and removed it. The plywood was so rotten that it fell apart in several large pieces. The contractor took the pieces and returned them to the artist. Then a lynch mob ensued and the facts were thrown out the window. It’s gotten ridiculous.”


Fan Mail

Just got the article on Cuong Pham and Red Boat Fish Sauce [“Homage to a Motherland,” October]. It is terrific!!!! Thank you very much.

Betsy Fox


Taylor’s Sausage is in Oakland, not San Leandro [“Spread, Rub, and Savor,” November 2015]. The address is 908 Washington St., Oakland, where it has been for decades.


Organic Advocate

I really enjoyed reading about Golden Gate Organics here [“Why I Choose Organic,” www.OaklandMagazine.com], and learning about the business and its offerings on their site— especially, since I have been interested in getting organic food delivered.

 As someone concerned with social equity and community repair, I am wondering what policies they may have in place related to hiring from communities with barriers to employment, creating racially-diverse leadership as well as staff, and what the organizational model is as relates to employee leadership, involvement in decision-making, and health insurance options for employees, for instance.

 I know it’s hard to be both environmentally sound as well as committed to equity in our economy, but I am looking for an organic foods delivery service that meets at least some of these goals. I reached out to the company as well to learn more. Toward sustainable and just communities for all.

Alli Starr

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