For the Birds

Readers share their thoughts on our January issue.


For the Birds

Great story on the Oakland herons [“The Great Heron Project,” January]! Please share our compliments with Sarah Phelan. It’s accurate and comprehensive.

Ilana DeBare, former communications director,

Golden Gate Audubon Society


Kind Words

Just a bit of fan mail to say how much I love Oakland Magazine. I still read it cover to cover because every story is fascinating, teaches me about my still-new home in this city, there’s a wide breadth of topics I’d never think to even notice, and the whole publication is well written, “comfortable” to read, intelligent, and fascinating, like the experience of enjoying a good novel.

I tried to notice this time why it’s so easy to relax into the reading. For me, I think it’s not just the great stories, but also because of items in the layout; not requiring reader to continue all stories to back pages — no flipping back and forth: thank you, no excess of sidebars, great photos, even the ads are somehow pleasurably placed so they don’t break up one’s readthrough.

This January issue’s story by Sarah Phelan on the relocation for night herons especially stood out to me as a perfect example. I figured it was some whacky Oakland thing, but she worked in the heartwarming element as well as developers working together (really?! To save birds?!!!) which just made it so endearing.

Allison Bliss, Oakland


About Time

I love this article [“Treating the Whole Patient,” December 2017], and it’s a brilliant concept. My hope is that clinics/centers/facilities with this broad focus open and become available everywhere from huge urban centers to rural and smaller locales. Very impressive and desperately needed. Every major urban and rural area needs a center like this. It’s a wonderful and brilliant concept.

Kaye Pomaranc, Chicago


Corrections and Clarifications

Arash Bayatmakou attended Boston University, not Boston College. He was featured in “When Things Stopped” [January 2018]. In “The Airbnb Touch” [January], the photo by Daniel Blue Photography was of interior design by Ricco Style Interior Design of Campbell.


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