‘Reversible’ by 7 Fingers Builds Intergenerational Bridges

Montreal’s award-winning, contemporary circus troupe plays Berkeley with a tale of reflection, beauty, and hope.


Photo courtesy The 7 Fingers

The 7 Fingers, an award-winning, contemporary circus troupe from Montreal, has reached audiences around the world, from appearing in Broadway hit show Pippin to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Now the group is bringing its latest show, Reversible, to Berkeley.

Eight performers have explored their family histories, interviewing grandparents and great-grandparents over the course of a year to present a show about the role of ancestors in shaping modern identities. Many of them weren’t initially aware of the dark pasts and struggles of some of their ancestors. Through a mix of theatre, circus, dance, music, and acrobatics, the troupe builds intergenerational bridges between past and present.

The show opens outside of a cheap motel, with performers entering and exiting through doors and windows, their choreography gradually becoming more acrobatic. They each deliver a eulogy to a departed ancestor. All kinds of stunts make their way into the show — hand-balancing acts, hoop dancing, contortion, Chinese pole choreography, juggling, and more. Reversible is a show about reflection, beauty, and most of all, hope.

Reversible, Fri.-Sun., Feb. 22-24, 8 p.m., $15-$68, Zellerbach Hall, 101 Zellerbach Hall #4800, Berkeley, CalPerformances.org.

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