Gear Up for National Mai Tai Day in Oakland, Whose Official Cocktail is ... You Guessed It: the Mai Tai


Image courtesy of Lucas Bols USA

Admit it: You've been yearning for a great excuse to hang out in tiki bars -- or to concoct your own tiki-style cocktails at home. Some random, flimsy excuse will never do. You want a valid, national excuse with local resonance.

Well, here it is. August 30 is National Mai Tai Day. And here's the local part: On August 30, 2009, during a ceremony held at the Conga Lounge on College Avenue, Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan officially named the Mai Tai Oakland's "official drink." 

That's because in August 1944, Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron created the first-ever Mai Tai -- its name means "very good" in Tahitian -- at the original San Pablo Avenue location of his Trader Vic's tiki lounge. His creation -- millions of which are now sold every year at Trader Vic's locations worldwide -- included orange Curaçao, French orgeat, rock-candy syrup, fresh mint, shaved ice and seventeen-year-old J. Wray Nephew Jamaican rum. But later variations and iterations of that classic have included genever, aka Dutch gin.

To celebrate this year's National Mai Tai Day, the folks at Bols Genever -- which has been producing this rich, spicy substance for centuries -- have shared with Feast Bay some tiki-tastic cocktail recipes. So open your tiny paper umbrellas and get out those coconut shells....



1 oz. Bols Barrel-Aged Genever

1 oz. aged rum

0.5 oz. Bols Orange Curaçao

0.25 oz. Galliano l'Autentico

1 oz. fresh lime juice

Combine all ingredients and shake. Strain into a bucket glass filled with crushed ice.



1 oz. Bols Genever

1 oz. rye whiskey

0.5 oz. Bols Triple Sec

0.75 oz. orgeat

1 oz. lime juice

Shake and strain over crushed ice.



1 oz. Bols Genever

0.5 oz/ Bols Creme de Banana

1 oz. pineapple juice

0.5 oz. cranberry juice

Combine all ingredients and shake. Strain into a tiki mug (note: MUST BE a tiki mug) over ice.



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