Go Ahead, Flush, But Look Into Graywater

Readers speak up about flushing, Lauren Powell Jobs, the Chabot Gun Club, and Harbor Bay Club improvements.


July issue.

Until gun ownership is banned, you want gun owners to know how to safely operate what they have, instead of experimenting at home [“Debate Over Chabot Gun Range,” June.] Maybe cut back the hours and raise fees to deal with lead pollution pro-actively.

Len Raphael


When I was a kid in E. Oakland, in the ’70s, the only gunshots you heard were from here.

Karen Hollins


About Flushing

Splashback is dangerous, because it spreads viruses like hepatitis A. Flush the urine! [“To Flush or Not,” June] However, where did the “six to eight gallon” flush figure come from? Only the oldest toilets used that much! Post-1985 toilets used 3.5 gallons. All toilets manufactured after 1991 are 1.6 gallons per flush.

If users save their gray water (used dishwater, water drained from washing machines, etc.) a two-gallon mop bucket of gray water can he poured into the toilet as a flush and use zero fresh water. Alternatively, pour the gray water into the toilet tank and cut water use per flush by more than half. (Important point: Modern toilets are equipped with backflow preventers, but old toilets may not be.)

James Castro


Party Central

I was going to share this article [“Look Who’s Partying In Oakland Now,” July] until you referred to Lauren Powell Jobs as Steve Jobs’ widow. How insulting! She’s already contributed to Oakland greatly by founding College Track and helping hundreds of at-risk Oakland’s get into four-year colleges to say nothing of the many start-ups and initiatives she launched through the Emerson Collective.

Dot Wizard



We featured their West Oakland Walk idea [“Re-envisioning West Oakland,” July] on an Oakland Urban Paths walk last year, as did the Oakland Heritage Alliance.

Gene Anderson


Oakland Proud

I’m so excited about Oakland’s progress [“Magazine and Market to Jazz Up the Square,” July]. Return to a city of beauty. Love and entertainment! Welcome, Sunset!

Sabrina Bell



July’s Best of Oakland and the East Bay issue contained errors regarding Anula’s Cafe and one location of TrueBurger. Anula’s, honored for its awesome salmon curry, is at 1319 Franklin St., 510-834-3023. And the TrueBurger in question is at 4101 Broadway.

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