Green Businesses Flock to Alameda Point

A pioneering Alameda Point company helped smooth the way for clean-tech entrepreneurs to set up shop at the former naval base.


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The Pioneers


Makani Power

What it does: Makani, whose name means wind in Hawaiian, is working on high-altitude kites to generate inexpensive wind power.

Other info: It’s part of Google X, the division of Google that produced Google Glass and is working on the driverless car.


Natel Energy

What it does: Natel has developed a hydropower turbine system as a new source of clean electricity that won’t disrupt water flow or irrigation of farmland and seeks to tap the undeveloped hydropower potential in the United States.

Other info: It was founded by the sister-and-brother team of Gia and Abe Schneider.


Saildrone Inc.

What it does: Saildrone makes an autonomous circumnavigation device to study the world’s oceans to redefine ocean monitoring, combining principles of sailing and ultra-efficient aero and hydrodynamics.

Other info: It can sail in shallow water and through marine debris.



What it does: It manufactures energy-saving electric powertrain units for delivery and garbage trucks to lower emissions.

Other info: The Wrightspeed CEO is Ian Wright, a co-founder of Tesla.

Makani Power seeks to harness wind energy using high-altitude kites such as the ones these employees are building and flying.

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