Hangar 1 Now Makes Brandy

Brand-new Bentwing Brandy is named after a WWII fighter jet.


Image courtesy of Hangar 1®

Hangar 1® is world-renowned for its silky-smooth, wildly adenturous vodkas flavored with freshly harvested, locally grown fruits — from Buddha's hand to makrut lime and beyond — and distilled inside a historic, panoramic Alameda Point hangar.

The distillery has just taken its first spirited step into the Non-Vodka Zone.

Announced today, Hangar 1's brand-new Bentwing Brandy is a spirited marriage of classic California wine culture and centuries-old French techniques for making eau de vie, aka "water of life" — that fermented, double-distilled clear fruit brandy whose cousins include German schnapps, Hungarian pálinka, and Italian grappa.

Finished in charred whiskey barrels, bottled at 40 percent ABV, and combining California varietals with French brandy crafted in the Chenin Blanc style, this pale golden, honey-tinged elixir wields currant, prune, caramelized-sugar, seasoned-oak, and tobacco-leaf notes, according to its maker — who recommends using it in classic cocktails such as the Metropolitan and Sidecar.

“Bentwing Brandy was a natural progression for us, because it takes our grape-based blending expertise a step further, celebrating both fresh California ingredients and old European heritage,” said Hangar 1's head distiller Caley Shoemaker. 

The new drink's name is a nod to Hangar 1's location in the former Alameda Naval Air Station and to the "Bentwing Bird" — a nickname for the F4U Corsair fighter jet, renowned during WWII for its aerodynamically avant-garde V-shaped wings. 

“Brandy is historically at the heart of many cocktails that we commonly associate with whiskey. I’ve loved experimenting with our brandy and discovering that it easily fits into so many of the classic cocktails that I already know and love," Shoemaker said.

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