USA's First Beer Home-Delivery Service Launches Today in East Bay


Image courtesy of Hopsy

Launching today and serving the East Bay, Albany-based Hopsy is the USA's first fresh-beer/microbrewery online marketplace and home delivery service.

Founded by beerophiles who suffered from "FOMO," aka fear of missing out on all those new brews from emerging local artisanal breweries, Hopsy now home-delivers beer from such makers as Magnolia, Moylan’s, Cleophus Quealy, Ale Indutries and Black Diamond in adorable 32-ounce "growlettes."

Having piloted its service with a limited number of customers in the East Bay, Hopsy goes full-force today. "Freshness" is a big deal here: Basically, the beers that Hopsy carries aren't available elsewhere because conventional distribution methods couldn't guarantee its quality upon delivery. 

Hopsy's founders describe their service -- high-tech e-commerce meets old-skool home delivery -- as "a modern beer milkman."

“Hopsy’s mission is to create the first brewery-to-table online marketplace for local breweries to connect with local beer lovers who care about drinking fresh, quality beer and supporting their community,” says Hopsy CEO and co-founder Sebastien Tron, a SpoonRocket alum who earned his MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas business school. Fellow founders are Andrew Perroy and Bodie Paden, who worked with -- which was sold to Majestic Wines for $100 million last May.

"We created a fully cold supply chain from the brewery to the home to ensure our customers get access to the freshest beer possible and local breweries no longer have to worry about the degradation of their beer through distribution," Tron adds.

The number of US-based breweries has grown by 20 percent every year for the last five years, Tron explains: Last September, that number reached an all-time high of 4,000 breweries. According to the Brewers Association, craft beer accounts for 20 percent of the $100 billion US beer market, but only a fraction of those craft beers are distributed via mainstream retail operations whose shelf space is dominated by big brands. How, then, can consumers learn about all those zany little microbrews?

“While the beer industry is consolidating like never before with the merger between big beer giants InBev and SABMiller, Hopsy is creating an alternative distribution system where customers have online access to local breweries they usually don’t find in traditional retail,” Tron asserts.

Hopsy's partner-breweries use counter-pressure CO2 fillers to purge oxygen from the reusable, UV light-filtering amber glass growlettes as they are being filled, increasing freshness. To further sustain freshness, the stored beer is then kept under 40 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the logistics chain -- while being stored, transported and delivered. 

At launch time, Hopsy is currently offering twenty beers from ten Bay Area breweries -- including Magnolia's Blue Bell Bitter, Alameda Island's Cavanaugh Kolsch, Ale Industries' East Bay IPA, Black Diamond's Fracas Imperial Red, and many more -- and will broaden its range as the business expands. The company is offering on-schedule delivery for now, but its founders hope to quickly offer same-day and on-demand delivery of draft beer.

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