Impossible Foods Makes Huge Distribution Deal

Having opened a 68,000-square-foot production plant in East Oakland last year, the faux-flesh burger purveyor is aiming high.


Image courtesy of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, which is famous for creating plant-based burgers that "bleed," and which began operations at a vast 68,000-square-foot production facility in East Oakland last year, has just announced a partnership with Dot Foods, the nation's largest food redistributor.

Founded in Illinois 55 years ago, Dot Foods delivers over 100,000 different dry, frozen, and refrigerated food products to distributors in all fifty states. 

In development since 2011, the hormone-, antibiotic-, cholesterol-free faux-flesh Impossible Burger was created to look, handle, smell, cook, taste, and — yes — ooze reddish fluid almost exactly as do ground-beef burgers.

“The Impossible Burger is that rare menu item that excites customers and generates lines around the block,” said Impossible Foods senior vice president of sales Stephanie Lind, as quoted at VegNews.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for restaurants to get the Impossible Burger, and that means working with the most trusted, reputable distributors in the food industry," Lind said.

Impossible Foods' social-media campaign, #DemandImpossible, invited consumers to ask their local restaurants to serve Impossible Burgers, in return for cash incentives — and resulted in some 8,000 inquiries, according to VegNews.

Impossible Foods' stated mission is to replace all food animals by the year 2035.

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