The Cost of Oakland as a Cannabis Hub

The greening of Oakland as a pot capital comes with a cost.


The New Gold Rush

The cost [“The Silicon Valley of Cannabis?” November], though, has been the destruction of a significant fraction of the artist live-and-work spaces and culture. Growers pay twice per square foot.

These spaces are a fundamental creative outlet and inspiration across society that has had significant positive social value far higher then the bottom line gain for the limited owners of a grow production.

The blanding of the Bay Area for cannabis capitalism — incredibly short-sighted. I truly hope that the industrial growers of Salinas and elsewhere can destroy this trend with significantly lower costs.

Kevin Mathieu


I hope so, and may it become even the Lily Dale of all plant-based medicine. It is possible. We do have the most fabulous people and climate!

Frank Snapp


Kaiser Center Commentary

Come on, we all know what will eventually be built on that site [“The Crack in Oakland’s Jewel,” November]: a high-rise residential complex that will be too pricey for many.

Gary Wilson


What city building, park, or any other facility isn’t in disrepair?

Joel Stewart


We need a new contractor. There’s been little to no progress on this project, but the city of Oakland is growing and building all around that stagnant situation.

Whoever is in charge is not a good fit for this project. Hopefully, the new council will re-open the bid process and move this project forward.

Voices of Oakland


Not relevant to what the article is about, but I saw Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden on separate occasions play [there]. It was such an easy walk from BART.

I always wondered why it closed.

Mar Vigil


School Integration

“In short, white students in Oakland are concentrated in a few schools throughout the district, including charter schools, where they are the majority.” False [“Should Oakland Schools Finally Try to Integrate,” December].

Where is the data that supports this claim as it relates to charter schools?

Rochelle Benning


We would need buses. Parents can try the lottery to go outside of neighborhood school but transportation can be a big hardship.

Kim Loda


Ride a bus across town or walk to your school. Desegregation only works if you integrate neighborhoods. See that happening anytime soon?

Joan Soo

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