John Carpenter Brings Horror-ific Sounds to the Fox

The king of creepy soundtracks. John Carpenter, brings his music to the Fox.


Photo by Adrian Lasso-CC

Horror movie maestro John Carpenter defined the essence of gross-out ’80s horror with The Thing and invented the dead teenager slasher flick with Halloween. He’s most famous for his striking images, from the garish, grinning ghouls of They Live to the flailing tentacle monsters of The Mouth of Madness. But the chilling atmosphere of his films also owes to his trained ear for unnerving soundtracks. The minimalist synth of The Fog made this simple campfire tale about an undead pirate crew wrecking vengeance on a sleepy seaside community into a classic spine-tingler. And Carpenter’s iconic Halloween score, with its jangled, moody piano chords, still raises the hair on any horror aficionado’s neck.

One of the rare directors who also scored his own films, Carpenter returns to the synthesizer in a new collaboration with Cody Carpenter (of the band Ludrium) and Daniel Davies (composer for I, Frankenstein) to create Lost Themes, a collection of new horror-tinged music from depths of the deranged imagination. Listen to these creepy melodies and invent your very own horror movies to accompany them in your head. June 17, 8 p.m. $39-$59. Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.

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