Rockridge Reacts

Readers sound off on upzoning Rockridge and the Oakland Sisterhood.


Rockridge Reacts

Have you seen the new apartment building where the Kingfish use to be? [“The Real Cause of Gentrification,” May 2017] Or the one going in at 51st and Telegraph or the one going in at 51st and Broadway across from the new senior living complex? Many of these places will have parking for half the condos, making parking a nightmare. They are overbuilding in Rockridge/Temescal!

Ronald Cadigal


Good article. Controversial and thought provoking. Is it time? Having been born in Oakland and as a resident (and a Realtor) in #Rockridge I have mixed feelings.

Brian Santilena


Summary: Trendy (mostly white) millennials can’t afford to live in low-density neighborhoods. The solution is to destroy the basic amenities of low-density neighborhoods by making them high-density neighborhoods, so that trendy (mostly white) millennials can afford to live there. Because racism.

Tracy Livezey


Woman Power

Congratulations to all of the very prominent women [“The Oakland Sisterhood,” April], and thank you to them for your service and hard work. You make us proud, and motivate us to continue to rise. This article should be headlining every newspaper in the world!

Mar Sea Oro


Thank you for taking the time to highlight and celebrate the work of our city government. With national news outlets relentlessly focused on dysfunction at the federal level, this is an antidote to despair. There is so much work to be done, right here, in Oakland!

Faith Elizabeth Fuller, Oakland


Soon, I hope, we can leave behind all the rhetoric around “the first African American, the first woman, the first black woman, the first Asian, the first gay, lesbian and all the rest of the ‘firsts.’” Individual achievement is what we need to value. Continuing to cling to these “landmarks” does not serve to erase bias nor prejudice; it only serves to further divide our society.

Peter Nelson



In April, we reported that Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent of the ’60s band The Zombies were reuniting for the 50th anniversary of Odyssey and Oracle at the UC Theatre. The reunion included all four surviving members of the band: Blunstone, Argent, Chris White, and Hugh Grundy.


Published online on June 13, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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