Lea Kirk Debuts a New Novel

An Alameda author uses her imagination to create a post- apocalyptic, sci-fi romance with paranormal elements involving blue aliens, green aliens, and Earthlings.


Author Lea Kirk was inspired by another famous Kirk, Capt. James T.

Photo by Chris Duffey

Local author Lea Kirk loves to make up stories, especially ones inspired by the sci-fi of her youth, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica. She is a longtime fan of sci-fi movies, romance novels, and fantasy fiction. Her debut sci-fi romance novel, Prophecy, combines those loves in a narrative that offers an escape from reality. Here’s more about the imaginative writing trip she has embarked on to entertain readers as Lea Kirk, her pen name.


How did you get into writing?

Being a writer has been a lifelong dream for me. I knew since I was in third grade that I wanted to be published. About 18 years ago, when I had three young children, I started writing a time travel romance only to learn soon after that I was expecting my second set of twins. Let’s just say it was hard to get in the zone again after that. But about four years ago, my muse poked me to pick up a story that I had started in high school and had tucked away. I couldn’t find my original writings, so I had to draw from my memory and bring my characters back to life. Other writers who read this might groan at the thought, but, really, it was a lot of fun to rediscover my characters and find out how they had grown and matured over the decades. It took me over three years to complete my novel, which I self-published—a route I highly recommend. There are great freedoms in self-publishing that work really well for me.


Without giving too much away, what can you tell me about Prophecy?

Prophecy is the first of a three-book series. It is a postapocalyptic, sci-fi romance with paranormal elements involving blue aliens, green aliens, and Earthlings. It is the quest of two wounded souls to save both of their worlds, and it can only happen if they are willing to work together and build trust between one another. Their journey is complicated by betrayal and distrust and infused with life humor, subtle sarcasm, suspense, moments of sadness, and the discovery of love—and a prophecy, of course. Yes, it’s a fantastical world I’m building with this series, but I strive to write characters with realistic responses to situations that are believable. I would say that the book fits into several genres, including sci-fi romance, paranormal, fantasy, and new adult.


Tell me about your published short story.

My short story, “All of Me,” is set in the Prophecy universe. It takes place between books one and two of the series. The story involves two minor characters from Prophecy who were apparently fooling around behind my back when I wasn’t looking. For that reason, the story had to be written. I think the story is a fun one, not filled with the galaxy-changing drama of Prophecy, but a lighter love story of second chances between an older man and a younger woman in a world—and society—that has changed drastically. The story pretty much wrote itself. I love it when that happens.


Who have been your greatest literary influences?

Susan Grant’s book The Star King truly saved Prophecy from the trashcan. I was trying to read as much sci-fi romance as I could while writing the book. Everything I read, though, was pretty graphic, which isn’t my style, so I was getting discouraged. I really started thinking that there was no market for my writing until I picked up this book. Her work made me more determined and more confident in what I was doing. I would say specifically that Grant’s hero really inspired me. She made him not the typical, dominant alpha male that you often read about but rather a strong and compassionate character. It was so good to see someone else writing those types of characters. I found it to be refreshing and just what I needed to keep me on track with my story. The other author that has inspired me is Suzanne Brockmann, who writes Navy SEAL stories. Her stories have a lot of action and suspense and she writes in a deep point of view, all styles that appeal to me.


What are you working on now?

I am working away at book two of my Prophecy series, which is titled Salvation. I hope to have it out by the fall. The main character, Nick, is the brother of the heroine from book one. This book will be different in that Nick won’t be staying on Earth and has some demons to deal with. His love interest is a new character who has had her own share of heartache. Imagine living and working closely with someone while keeping your past a secret. To complicate things more, there are people out there who want to make sure you don’t succeed in your work at any cost, including your life. I’m excited about this book because Nick’s character is the consummate younger brother. I want to see him come to terms with his inner turmoil and reconcile what life has handed him. That’s all I’m going to say, because I’d hate to give away too much at this point and then change my mind.

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