Local Collective Serves Curated Lunch to Oakland Homeless

NativeJuiceCo restaurant is providing the food.


A local artists' collaborative, Signature Collective, is bringing lunch -- right about now: at noon on Friday, August 18 -- to homeless Oakland tent-dwelling families.

Sponsored by NativeJuiceCo -- a restaurant that creates curated breakfasts, lunches, and beverages that are primarily plant-based and farmers'-market-sourced -- they will provide catered lunches today to residents of "The Alley" -- an encampment surrounding the corner of 7th Street and Alice Street in Oakland.

"Getting to know some of the amazing people who reside there these past few months has been eye-opening, emotionally drainin and very painful on some days," said Signature Collective co-founder Emelia Lartey.

"But the greatest lesson we learnt from visiting the Alley and especially our friends Lala, Joel, and Tim -- residents of the Alley -- was that we are all we got and it's up to us to help each other figure this life out. 

"Greed stifles our vulnerable and cradles the rich," Lartey continued. "The empathy deficit is a serious issue that continues to move us further away from our shared humanity. It's time we all figured out what our human purpose is: What is your duty to replenish this earth we live in? How are you going to make it better so you can leave it better? We are exactly who we been waiting for. We collectively have the power to manifest our greatest desires as a human race."

Signature collective "pledges to focus on #foodinsecurity by partnering with local restaurants around the nation to deliver nutritious lunch to the less fortunate, specifically those living in streetside communities."

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