Space-Age Aura

A graphic novel comes to life.



Zap! Bof! Pow! Sha-zam! Are you ready for action? Are you ready for adventure? The Intergalactic Nemesis series is a live stage show that re-creates the golden age of breathless radio serials and pulp comic books with a wacky science fiction storyline chock-full of globetrotting adventure, bug-eyed alien monsters, mysterious strangers, and intrepid girl reporters hot on the trail of the scoop of the century.

In this third installment of the trilogy, Intergalactic Nemesis III, daring reporter Molly Sloan and her loyal assistant Timmy must join forces with the enigmatic travelling librarian Brian Wilcott to defeat the slimy alien blob monsters invading from the planet Zygon. This unique live theater stars only three actors, who voice dozens of characters by adopting crazy accents and typical 1920s patter (It’s the elephant’s in-step, nyah, see?). Accompanying sound effects are created in real time by a live Foley artist, and a cinematic score is performed by a live orchestra. Adding to the lurid oversized tone of the production, it all takes place in front of a backdrop of more than 1,250 hand-drawn, full-color comic book images. The only thing missing from the complete Grand Guignol comic book experience is a backpage full of ads for X-ray specs and pet sea monkeys.

March 17, 8 p.m.  $50-$80. Livermore Performing Arts Center, Bankhead Theater, 2400 First St., Livermore.


Published online on March 13, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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