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What’s your personal fashion style — vintage dresses, miniskirts with boots, skinny-legged jeans under a flowing tunic? Or maybe you wear designer labels, a narrow color palette, and strappy high heels. Do you look for thrift store finds and gravitate toward bargain-basement deals, or are you a savvy shopper who would rather budget for articles you just can’t live without?

 For me, these days it’s all about what’s easy, multifunctional, and understated, largely because of a mending broken shoulder, perpetually challenged feet, and a busy lifestyle. And I feel like I fit right in with accepted East Bay fashion etiquette.

That’s what I love about where I live when it comes to clothes — most anything goes: From chic active wear that can skew upscale for evening soirees to eclectic statement pieces that add sass and definition to the simplest attire, the normal dress code rules seem meant to be broken — or at least bent — here. Unique, interesting, and unusual sensibilities draw interest, not scorn.

While style extends in infinite directions and iterations, this month’s issue focuses on several natural fronts, from current women’s fashion and menswear to what resonates in ceramics and dishware for personal and professional kitchens and tables. The coverage also ponders what’s popping up in home décor in general and what’s driving local furniture makers in their most popular independent designs.

With fashion and interior design elements, there is some common ground with utility, upcycling, and simplicity represented and referenced often. The overall mantra of the moment is akin to spend more but buy less. In other words, quality, not quantity, rules, so better to buy well and buy smart.

The good news is that you’ll be able find examples of these stylish gems in your neighborhoods where entrepreneurs, visionaries, and business people with eclectic backgrounds bring their strong passion and a unique sense of style to their creations, lines, goods, and offerings.

Contributors Sarah Coombs, Karen Granados, Ramona d’Viola, and Nana Twumasi eagerly checked in with some of the experts who keep East Bay residents on the cutting-edge of style. The message they convey from those in the know is straightforward: Make your own statement and be proud of it. East Bay proud.

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