Get Your DayGlo On

Jean-Michel Jarre lulls listeners at The Greek.


Jean-Michel Jarre.

The spiritual forefather to today’s synthwave revival, Jean-Michel Jarre pioneered the ambient electronic sound that’s come to be associated with chromium dolphin posters, black-lacquered bachelor pads, and all things aesthetically 1980s. Jarre’s retro-futuristic sound is at once iconically ’80s and completely timeless, a strange dreamy mélange that leaves the listener both soothed and elated.

Jarre first burst onto the mainstream ambient music scene (if there could be said to be such a thing) in 1976 with his chart-topping moody synthesizer album Oxygène, and just last year announced a sequel, Oxygène 3, to mark the 40th anniversary of the original collection.

It’s the perfect time to experience the full force of Jarre’s mesmerizing musical gaze. Jarre’s hypnotic rhythms lull listeners into whole new worlds of consciousness, but he’s just as famous for his spectacular show-stopping concerts. This is a guy who really puts on a show, and a typical Jarre concert isn’t complete without strobe lights, laser beams, and DayGlo effects. These moods are the pure product, and this is an event sure to be a feast for all the senses.

May 26, 8 p.m., tickets start at $160, Hearst Greek Theatre, 2001 Gayley Road, Berkeley.


Published online on May 19, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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