He's the Man

Readers sound off on Dave Kaval, inspiring billboards, and the Oakland Raiders.


Loving Kaval

Dave Kaval [“A Whole New Ballgame,” April] is the man. Hopefully, he keeps this up; he’d be an absolute legend—especially in a time when every other team is bailing on the East Bay.

Brandon Binder, Lafayette


That is great! Somebody who recognizes the uniqueness of Oakland! They are the best fans.

Joe Zahner, St Louis Park, Minn.


First step: get rid of that dumpy stadium in its horrible location! Move it to Jack London Square, where there are bars, restaurants, lodging, and ferry service. It would make that area even more of a destination location. Would be so beneficial economically for Oakland.

Sarah Shear O’Sullivan


Beautiful Billboards

What a beautiful idea! [“Billboards That Inspire,” March] Keep up the good work. You are making faces smile and hearts leap. Keep spreading the love with your love notes to Oakland.  

Bonnie Bell, Oakland


Great idea! Please keep in mind billboards are meant for people in cars, so please keep them less wordy. You’re on the right track. I applaud you.

Tommy Edwards, Oakland


No Napolitano Fan

Please read what Wikipedia has to say about Janet Napolitano [“Person of the Year,” Jan.-Feb.] before you draw conclusions from this front-page fluff piece. It paints a more accurate picture, including her lack of experience in education, and lack of sensitivity for student concerns. How did the UC system get to the place where it attracts employees like the Secretary of Homeland Security? What a cash cow the UC system has become! They are giving the best California public sector jobs to out-of-state residents who have no intention of spending their retirement dollars in California once they are done milking the cow. Not good for California!

Rick Russo


Good Riddance

Mark Davis should be run out of Oakland on a rail! [“Oakland to Unleash The Mammoth,” April] When I was growing up in Oakland, the franchise started. Community vote on name? Señores. People didn’t like it, so the second choice in the community vote was used: Raiders. That name was submitted by the wife of our postman who lived a couple blocks away. Plenty of fans including me have been rooting for the team way before Mark Davis was even born!

Arlene Bishop, Berkeley


Published online on May 16, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

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