Mentoring Academy Meets the Unique Needs of Each Student


Mentoring Academy is a vibrant learning Community that supports each individual’s unique quest for relevance and excellence. Every student is engaged in one-on-one relationships with Mentors— developing a customized curriculum and flexible schedule that fit the student’s specific interests, skills, goals, and accomplishments.

Students master academic, social, and life skills promoting a high level of achievement, powerful personal relationship, and a lifelong love of learning. 

Mentoring Academy:

• Provides independent, progressive, 8th through 12th grade college -preparatory education

• Powerfully connects students to the world beyond the classroom through retreats, extraordinary international programs, and investigative adventures

• Supports and validates unique student talents and contributions

• Provides for completion of academic assignments during school hours

• Facilitates mastering skills and knowledge essential to critical thinking, inventive problem solving, and informed decision making

• Inspires each student to become a self--aware, compassionate individual, a responsible community member, and a successful 21st- century global citizen

5951 College Ave. Oakland


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