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Why There’s No Gayborhood in Oakland

Oakland is third in the nation with same-sex households, but there’s no gay and lesbian district — and that’s OK since there are arguably more LGBTQ-targeted events and things to do here than ever before, and the LGBTQ community is stronger than ever.
April 04, 2019

Aimee Allison Builds the Power of Women of Color

As the she behind ‘She the People,’ Oakland’s Aimee Allison works hard to network and connect women of color nationwide to transform democracy.
April 03, 2019

Merritt College Is Training the Next Generation of Naturalists

The Oakland community college has a new program for park rangers, interpretative guides, urban farmers, environmental consultants, park managers, and more, and seeks to attract people of color.
April 02, 2019

Getting at the Roots of High Blood Pressure

Blue Shield opens kiosk at Roots Community Center in #80ForOakland event.
April 01, 2019

Readers React to Lyme Disease Story

Lyme disease sufferers sympathize with Shona Curley’s Lyme disease article and express frustration over how little is known about diagnosing and treating it.
March 08, 2019

Go With the Flow

An Emeryville company has nourished the East Bay’s flow arts scene.
March 05, 2019

Sheng Thao Breaks Through

The new Oakland city councilmember representing the hills is the first Hmong-American woman elected to that office in the state.
March 04, 2019

Classic Cocktail Classification Depends

East Bay Bartenders are reinventing classic cocktails with interesting twists that make them more appealing than their original iterations.
March 04, 2019

Oakland’s New Good Neighbor - Blue Shield of California

#80forOakland campaign launches ongoing community commitment.
March 01, 2019

Downtown Oakland and Environs Won’t be a Food Desert Much Longer

In the wake of last fall’s Smart & Final closure, several new stores are opening, and others have raised their profiles, showing that that swath of Oakland may not be such a food desert much longer.
March 01, 2019

Big savings on local dining & more.

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