Big Soda's Campaign of Deception

Readers sound off on Measure HH, housing, and San Leandro.


For Measure HH

Thanking Mr. Gammon for checking in with Pablo Martinez and Tamur Khwaja, the grocers pulled in to Big Soda’s multimillion-dollar campaign of deception [“A Costly Campaign,” October]. So here we have powerful and wholly self-interested business group fighting Proposition HH, a community health-positive initiative. That’s bad enough, but Big Soda doubles down, exploiting local minority grocers, turning them into happy posters mouthing the lines manufactured by Big Soda propagandists. Vote Yes on HH, an initiative that will benefit the health of Oaklanders, particularly the lifelong health of children.

David Cohen, Oakland


Too Crowded Already

The Bay Area and Berkeley specifically are already grossly overpopulated [“The Team Vs. Mr. Housing,” October]. BART is in need of a complete makeover. The roads are already at capacity and we are one drought year away from not enough water and yet we are still allowing projects that will increase the population? “Affordable housing” will only be attained when we lower our population. Until then, we should not build a single housing unit and let market forces increase housing prices to the point no newcomer will want to move here.

David Williams, Berkeley


San Leandro Fans

My partner and I have lived in San Leandro for the past 11 years. I was so excited to finally see an article about San Leandro in an East Bay magazine [“Heading South,” September], and then I read it. We have so much more to offer than the few establishments you mentioned.  Just to name a few: Dining & Coffee—Bluebird Pizzeria, 496 E. 14th St., Zocalo Coffeehouse, Paradiso Restaurant; Local Breweries—Cleophus Quealy Beer Company, 21st Amendment Brewery, Drake’s Brewing Company; Retail—Miriam Lara Floral Boutique, Urban Oasis, Roney’s Furniture, Ghirardelli Factory Outlet; Groceries—Estudillo Produce & Deli, Galvan’s Market.

Arlene M. Hazelkorn, San Leandro



Clifford and Tammy Chow [“Plugging Away,” October], owners of Alameda’s Firehouse Subs, have more than 60 years of restaurant experience between them. They plan to hold a fundraiser to help restore a burned down Little League shack, and a defibrillator has been ordered for but not yet placed in an Alameda police cruiser.


Published online on Oct. 31, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.

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