Stitching Together Stories

Linda Weinstock turns back the clock.


Rockwall Skyline.

Courtesy of Linda Weinstock

Linda Weinstock transports her patrons back in time, or so it seems. This mixed-media artist often gets phone calls from former Alamedans who say, “I want you to bring my house back to the ’50s; put me on the porch, put my cats there, and put up grandma’s curtains.”

She photographs the house and yard and talks with the family about their personal history, incorporating that into the “portrait” of the house she is commissioned to do. “What I do works for me, because it’s personal. I really enjoy having the one-on-one with the families,” she said.

She imports the images into Adobe Photoshop, cleans them up, “stitches it all together, and I’ll build their story,” she said. She paints the image digitally in Corel Painter or Adobe Illustrator, prints it on canvas and, finally, physically paints on top of that in acrylic and ink. She calls this body of work Alameda Our Town. Weinstock learned the process a decade ago under Gretchen Hecht, who was doing her own Paint the Town series in Texas.

One story Weinstock painted centered on the chair at Little House Café where a woman sat when her beau proposed. Another reflected Weinstock’s tearful reaction to the death of local resident Raymond Zack in the water off Crown Beach. A third assembled memories for a terminally ill woman and was unveiled at her memorial. Whether joyful, tragic, or bittersweet, “it’s supposed to make an impression on someone’s heart,” Weinstock said.

Weinstock is on the board of the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society, and when she’s not busy visiting the past artistically, she works to preserve it through Alameda’s Victorians, painting the homes that open their doors for the annual Alameda Legacy Home Tour. See her work at Whales and Friends, the Alameda Hospital gift shop, and online at Her studio is open by appointment.


Published online on Nov. 16, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.

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