Libby Schaaf For Mayor

The incumbent seems to be a fan with readers.


On the Oakland Mayor’s Race

Cat Brooks is waaay too far to the left [“Is Oakland the Next Boston?” October]. No thanks.

Gay Chiappetta


I think [Libby Schaaf] has been miles better than Jean Quan and Ron Dellums. A lot of the problems happening in Oakland are happening nationwide, so how much is she responsible for, and how much can she really do? Yes, she can do more. Yes, she’s propped up by the party organization. But all nine other candidates have never held a public office; they’ve never had their goals tested by our political mess of a city.

Frederick Hormann


I’m strongly behind Libby Schaaf for mayor of Oakland!

Steve Kopff


Remember WOBART

Missing from this otherwise well written article [“Oakland Undergoes a Construction Boom,” September] is the development at West Oakland BART!

Though it’s understandable that West Oakland isn’t viewed by most as proximate to our downtown, it is the physical transit epicenter of the greater Bay Area metropolitan region and needs to be thought of as such during this moment of municipal convergence in our region’s history.

From a management standpoint, we are fast approaching the day when our network of cities will be seen in the same way as the vaunted boroughs of New York, perhaps a big setback for those whose visions of Oakland supremacy amongst its sister cities — especially with our three major league teams here! — was once palpable. More realistically, a Brooklyn-like status will be just as compelling here in the “Strongest Regional Economy in the World.”

So let’s have an article soon as to the critical necessity of WOBART and what our leaders at City Hall need to do in terms of making it into one of the prime destinations in Northern California.

Steve Lowe, VP, West Oakland Commerce Association


Scooter Scourge

Exactly where are these things permitted to operate [“Scooters Arrive in Oakland, Like It or Not, September]? Can they use sidewalks going 15 mph? Bike lanes? Streets? Considering the lack of coordinated transit in the Bay Area, it seems ridiculous to add yet another form of (unregulated) transportation to the mix. People (of all ages) fly around on scooters, and they’re definitely dangerous to pedestrians (who are already dodging bicyclists on sidewalks). Oakland had abdicated much of its responsibility for making streets walkable and has made walking here (wherever there is vehicular traffic) risky enough.

Christine Zook


Every Little Bit Helps

Maybe SPF numbers above 50 don’t mean much for people living near sea level [“Sunscreen Facts Worth Knowing,” September]. I live about 4,000 feet up, and the UV is quite a bit more intense here on a sunny day — there’s less atmosphere between us and the sun. I do want to know where to find SPF 70. Every little bit helps. The winter is sunburn season here, particularly when there’s snow on the ground, which reflects the sunlight upward and effectively doubles the intensity.

James Castro


College Access

Thank you for the wonderful story about College Track [“Closing the Gap,” August] and its students in your issue. We so appreciate you shining a light on the issue of college access and completion and for the thoughtful way you approached the story. I hope you are receiving positive feedback from your readers. I know the College Track team certainly has been.

Susan Pierson-Brown

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