Symphonic Sounds and Video Games

UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra scores video game hits for Video Games Live!


Beep beep, boop boop, it’s totally awesome video games.

Maybe you’re a child of the ’80s who spent your afternoons blowing dust out of Atari cartridges so that you could play Jungle Hunt or Moon Patrol in your dad’s basement rec room. Or maybe you’re a ’90s kid who learned that the real treasure is “dream and friends” from helping Uncle Scrooge navigate Capcom’s Ducktales on your old NES. Or you could be one of those darn zoomer kids with their Five Nights at Freddys.

Regardless, everyone loves those video games.

Video Games Live! combines the visceral rush of joystick-pumping action with the high-octane energy of a rock concert for an experience like few others. Created by game music composer Tommy Tallarico, this show has the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra performing live arrangements of video game music hits, synchronized to thrilling video footage, spectacular light and laser displays, and theatrical effects.

Pre- and post-concert events offer a chance to mingle with others in the gaming community, and include a costume contest and meet-and-greets with top industry game composers and designers. The 2019 performance includes music from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Pokémon, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Okami, MegaMan, Metroid, and Earthworm Jim. 


Sun., Nov. 17, 7 p.m., tickets start at $30, 101 Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley.


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