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 April 2014

April 2014


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April Features

6 Neighborhoods to Know Now

by Susan Kuchinskas

In this white-hot real estate market, agents and buyers alike are combing the listings and traveling farther to find the home of their dreams and their means.

To Sell the Property, They Throw a Party

by Mike Rosen-Molina

Real estate sales techniques get very creative to attract attention to properties.

It’s Not So Easy to Rent in the East Bay

by Emily Wilson

Tales of finding a place to live in the East Bay, where the cost has risen and the pickings are slim.

The Mambo Kings Kick Ass at the Grammys

by Andrew Gilbert

There are always a lot of hangovers the morning after the Grammy Awards, but the 56th annual ceremony at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles in January left an already reeling music industry...

April Departments

Down on Rob Bonta

Letters: Readers, friends, and followers have their say.

Expand Your Real Estate Horizons

by Judith M. Gallman

The editor recalls house hunting, clever sales techniques, and renting in the East Bay.

Flare Up Over Firewood

by Robert Burnson

EBRP passes on a chance to capitalize on local firewood.

Draconian Dog Laws No More

by By Mary Eisenhart

For the first time in memory, those No Dogs signs will be coming down in Oakland parks. Some of them, anyway, thanks to a proposed city-ordinance change due for its final reading before the City...

E-cigarettes Get Trendy

by Kate Madden Yee

As more people turn to electronic nicotine delivery systems, regulating e-cigarettes becomes complicated.

Aquaponic Gardens Come to Castlemont

by Carrie Kirby

Software engineer Eric Maundu starts Kijani Grows to help farming in his native Kenya and takes the technology to an Oakland school.

Public Safety Increased in Commercial Areas

by Rachel Trachten

Business people, residents, and even OPD like the street-smart patrols who wear the blue and orange shirts with the Oakland tree.

Vertical Walls Popping Up Everywhere

by Sarah Coombs

Here in the Bay Area, people are fond of the unconventional garden. Locals know that grass isn’t the only way to fill a front yard—vegetables and shrubs work, too—and they don’t shy away...

Décor Tips Tips for Your Big Day

by Sarah Coombs

"It’s your day.” That’s a common refrain for any big event: wedding, bar mitzvah, and quinceañera alike. But how do you design a celebration that really feels like you?

Tuscon Thrives With Arts

by Audrey Medina

Thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars and a decade of art therapy, the Tuscon arts scene rivals Santa Fe's.

Make Your Way to Sausalito

by Nicole A. Martin

The ferry ride to Sausalito—ranked by National Geographic Magazine as the third-best city boat trip in the world—offers unrivaled views of the Bay in all directions and sets an expectant tone...

Gems of the Dimond District

by Katie Cornell

In October, Oaktoberfest brings beer lovers from all over the Bay Area to the Dimond District. But the Dimond’s offerings are far more diverse than just a local beer festival on a crisp fall day....

Iyasare Commands Attention

by Derk Richardson

Dining Review: When Shotaro “Sho” Kamio took command of the kitchen at Yoshi’s Jazz Club and Japanese Restaurant in Oakland in 2006, the food took a dramatic turn for the better. Kamio, who...

Legionnaire Black Derby Updates an Old Favorite

by Stefanie Kalem

Zack Turner’s bar, the Legionnaire, on Telegraph between Grand Avenue and 23rd Street, is truly a brick-and-mortar extension of himself. It’s named in part for his long-running hip-hop crew,...

Fava Beans Star in Cosecha Tamales

by Cynthia Salaysay

One doesn’t generally think of fava beans as part of Mexico’s native culture. In the Bay Area, one’s apt to find them in the springtime, heaped in farmers market stalls and on the menus of...

Backyard Beekeeping Gains Fans

by Cynthia Salaysay

You don't need your own beehive to enjoy honey anymore in the East Bay.

Transported by the Flavors of Parmesan

by Matthew Craggs

A millimeter may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to the thickness of the Berkeley Bowl’s shaved Parmesan, a millimeter goes a long way.

Cafe Colucci Creates Delicious Suff

by Anneli Rufus

restaurants, Ethiopian cuisine would make up a sizable slice. Nearly every neighborhood sports at least one Ethiopian restaurant; Rockridge and Temescal sport a lot. Granted, Oakland is home to one...

Recently Visited Restaurants

We eat our way through Alameda, Jack London Square, and Downtown.

It Takes a Village to Play an Album

by Andrew Gilbert

Given the concept animating UnderCover Presents, which produces stylistically encompassing concerts that re-imagine beloved albums track by track, it was only a matter of time before the...

Shadravan's Honors Iranian Art

by Michael Singman-Aste

Dr. Farnaz Shadravan, D.D.S, spent 10 hours a day, six days a week for two years etching Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic images into four bathtubs with her dentist drill, to honor John the Baptist.

Baritone Pushes Sailing Singalongs

by Anneli Rufus

From his Oakland home, Peter Kasin crosses shark-infested, wind-whipped saltwater to stride gleaming decks amidst sextants and spankers, his clear baritone rising into the rigging to sing of...

Books on Home Maintenance, Heartbreak, and Poetry

by Judith M. Gallman

The Home Book, Master of Leaves, How a Mirage Works, and Up at Butternut Lake

April Event Highlights

by Matthew Craggs

Visual art, book readings,going vegetarian, and sports on tap.

April Calendar Liistings

by Matthew Craggs

What to do and when to do it.

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