Where to Buy the Magazine

For an up-to-date map of dozens of larger East Bay retailers that have the current issue of Oakland Magazine in stock — including Safeway, Walgreens, CVS, Lucky, Rite Aid, Food Max, Raley's, and Nob Hill Markets — visit MagFinder, enter Oakland Magazine and your Zip code, and click “Find Your Magazine.” Then click the link that says “Nearest Location.”

Or you can visit one of the retailers below:


Name Area
Builder's Booksource 4th Street
City Center Sundries City Center
DeLauer's, Broadway Downtown
Laurel Books Downtown
Oaklandish Downtown
Pegasus Books Downtown Berkeley
Versailles Pharmacy East End
Encinal Market East End
Mrs. Dalloway's Elmwood
Farley's Emeryville Emeryville
Oaklandish Fruitvale
Save More Market Glen Park
Walden Pond Books Grand/Lakeshore
Books Inc. Park Street
DeLauer's, Park Street Park Street
Piedmont Grocery Piedmont Avenue
Spectator Books Piedmont Avenue
Issues Piedmont Avenue
Diesel, A Bookstore Rockridge
Pendragon Books Rockridge