Down on Rob Bonta

Comments on the Alameda assemblyman, a letter on Broadway development, plus Tweets from the Twiteratti.


Your Bonta Story Resembled an Ad

Rob Bonta article (“Darling of the Dems,” March 2014) seems a little thin on real content ... more like a paid advertisement. So, in 1970 ... when he wasn’t even born .... his parents worked with Cesar Chavez. This reminds me of the same ads he used to get elected. His gun bills fail because they were ill conceived, and during a time of recession, his only claim to fame is updating school textbooks. He won because he had more money, end of story. This article reads like he paid for it, too. We need a better Democratic candidate for state assembly.

Maria Alderete, via Facebook


Broadway Account Missed One Pioneer

While I was excited to read in January’s issue the story about the renaissance of Uptown Oakland, “Setting Broadway on Fire,” and particularly, the Broadway corridor, I was disappointed that your article made no reference to an established retail business that has been literally around the block during this renaissance. I’m referring to locally owned and operated Bay Area Bikes.

Bay Area Bikes has been in the Valdez Triangle for nearly seven years; my partner and I bought the failing bike shop in 2008. We started our business at the height of the recession and have kept our doors open seven days a week through the economic downturn, the Oscar Grant riots, and Occupy Oakland demonstrations. We were there in the dark days, watching the auto dealerships shutter, and then later watching as the restaurants and galleries started to arrive.

We now employ 10 locals, in the Webster Street store and at our Jack London Square bike rental and service shop. Because our clientele need their bikes (in good working order) daily to get to work and to school, we feel that our presence provides a benefit to the community as well as providing sales tax dollars to the local economy.

We are thrilled to see each new business as they open their doors and make a point to patronize each and promote them to our customers. We eagerly await the backfill of remaining empty storefronts in the downtown.

Glenda Barnhart, Co-owner, Bay Area Bikes, Oakland


Postal Ingratitude

For real usps?!?!?! This is how you drop off my magazine?! #OaklandMagazine #IHateThePostOffice…

Shicetygrl, @shicetygrl, via Twitter


Tea Time

Wonderful story by @annelirufus in @eastbay365 about cooking with tea including insight from @NumiTea’s Ahmed Rahim!

Truth Be Told NY, @TruthBeToldPRNY, via Twitter


Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here

Great time eating & drinking at Picán Restaurant for Oakland Magazine’s launch party. ...

And: ... Pastor tacos. Hush puppies. Spicy meat balls. Amazing dessert. Drinks.

From Grilled Cheese Guy, @GrilledCheezGuy, via Twitter


It’s a hot night at Picán for the Oakland Magazine launch party.

From Laurel Kellner, @LaurelKell, via Twitter

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